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2 Days – 1 Night Private Nile Felucca from Aswan to Luxor

2 Days 1 Night Private Nile Felucca from Aswan to Luxor

Traveling to Egypt and sailing the Nile River is one of the adventure travelers’ highlights, so let’s make cruising in the Nile the first on your top bucket list.

Kemet Travel created a specific itinerary for you that incorporated all of the highlights you wanted to experience. Relaxing journey aboard a traditional Nile River sailboat called a Nile felucca from Aswan to Luxor

How long does a Nile cruise take?

The greatest enjoyment of our trips are; one-night Felucca sail, and two-nights Nile Felucca sail with traditional Sailboat felucca.

Best Aswan to Luxor cruise

The captain and crew will make this trip fantastic! Kemet Travel will provide you with a beautiful, comfortable sailboat, a natural experience, and live the Nile in its splendor with people and nature living in it all.

relaxed and accommodating, The Felucca crew will create the most delicious meals and make sure everything was clean and comfortable. You’ll have a campfire and dinner on an island, the crew made fun music. You’ll be Watching Egyptian life from a sailboat is something you will never forget.

Sailing on The Nile River is like no other place in the world with tomb-filled desert hills set behind fields of green landscape with the edge of desert as a great mix of nature, monumental ancient temples, and picturesque vessels, board a felucca at Aswan and test the power of the wind with the current down the river, you can cinematically be shot in large – format 4k, this is as close as you can get to being there, sailing one of the most stretches river all over the world, the River Nile

Our Private Nile Felucca will take you from Aswan to Luxor and stop in Kom Ombo and Edfu along the way before you explore Luxor’s night scene. It’s such a great opportunity for you for an incredible description and shots of the Nile and the Temple of Horus, our Mini Bus is comfortable and spacious for your suitcases where there is a private place for that inside the bus.

Our expert Egyptology guides will provide you with many interesting historical facts during the whole day tour, Kemet Travel will supply you with knowledgeable guides at the sites along the way, our guides are natural teachers who will intuitively know what would be most interesting to you and will bring life to the historical stories.

The Nile Felucca boat ride is a nice addition to feeling a pleasant breeze and enjoying the great view of The River Nile edges, the Felucca might be a simple boat but nothing compares with seeing the sunset on the Nile and feeling the warm winds coming from the west side.

Nile Felucca is the traditional sailboats of Egypt River Nile, Egyptians and foreigners alike enjoy a relaxing ride as it’s the perfect way for catching the breeze on the Nile River and watching the sunrise and sunset any time of the year, it’s an excellent way to experience the secret of Egypt, where the oldest civilizations in the world began along the banks of the Nile, a nice way for learning so much about its fascinating history and relishing in the magical sunrise and sunset and being mesmerized by the spectacular colors on display in the local markets.

Kemet Travel building those two tailors made those Private Felucca custom 1 night and 2 nights for you with a private visit to ancient monuments sites with a comfortable boat with a reliable captain, good food, and a bathroom on board, the experience of riding a private Felucca is absolutely amazing, spending a day or two on a private boat is a great opportunity to enjoying the beauty of the Nile landscape, our crew are helpful and will cook delicious meals for you, everything will go smoothly organized and you could simply enjoy your holiday while everything will take care by us.        



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