Client Reviews: Unforgettable Egypt Travel with Kemet Travel


When it comes to planning a trip to Egypt, finding a reliable and trustworthy travel agency can make all the difference. Kemet Travel has emerged as a top choice for travelers seeking an unforgettable experience in this magnificent country. With a focus on flawless communication, attention to detail, flexibility, honesty, and extensive experience, Kemet Travel has garnered rave reviews from its satisfied clients. In this article, we will explore some of the glowing testimonials that highlight the exceptional services provided by Kemet Travel.

A Journey of a Lifetime:

Impeccable Organization and Memorable Experiences: The couple expresses their amazement at the flawless organization of their desert exploration by Kemet Travel. Every aspect, from transportation to accommodations, was meticulously arranged, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscapes. The tour provided them with unforgettable experiences and created lasting memories.

Exemplary Tour Manager:

 Ahmed’s Dedication and Care

Ahmed, the tour manager from Kemet Travel, accompanied the couple throughout their journey, ensuring their comfort and enjoyment. His dedication, attention to detail, and genuine care for their experience made a significant impact. Ahmed’s extensive knowledge and passion for the desert region added an extra layer of depth to their adventure.

Mona’s Expertise and Kindness

During their private tour of the Great Pyramids, the couple was fortunate to have Mona as their guide. Mona’s extensive knowledge about the history, culture, and significance of the pyramids enhanced their experience. Her kindness, patience, and willingness to answer their questions created a warm and engaging atmosphere, leaving them with a deeper understanding and appreciation for these ancient wonders.

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Personalized Planning and Execution:

One client shares their journey of planning a two-week trip, encompassing mesmerizing destinations such as Aswan, Luxor, Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh, and the White Desert. Among the numerous agencies they considered, Kemet Travel stood out due to their impeccable service. Nader, their dedicated point of contact, ensured smooth coordination from start to finish. The client commends Nader’s attentive listening and going above and beyond to make their vacation truly unforgettable.

Client Reviews: Unforgettable Egypt Travel with Kemet Travel

The Dahabiya Experience:

Another family of four recounts their incredible experience cruising the Nile on a houseboat called Dahabiya, organized by Kemet Travel. Despite booking their vacation at short notice, Montasser of Kemet Travel found the perfect solution. The clients had a delightful journey on the Dahabiya Karnak, accompanied by a friendly and accommodating crew. From well-organized excursions to exceptional food and service, Kemet Travel’s attention to detail shines through. The clients express gratitude for Ahmad’s constant availability and efforts to ensure a seamless experience, including arranging timely and safe transportation.

Client Reviews: Unforgettable Egypt Travel with Kemet Travel

Desert Adventure and Insightful Touring

A couple shares their extraordinary desert tour experience with Kemet Travel, led by Tour Manager Ahmed Salim. Although the tour involved substantial driving, Ahmed’s engaging conversations and informative insights about life in Egypt made the journey enjoyable. The White Desert, a true natural wonder, left them awe-inspired, and the off-road driving and sandboarding added excitement to the adventure. Ahmed’s exceptional care and dedication stood out, ensuring the couple’s timely airport transfer and assisting them in securing fair prices for souvenirs, all while prioritizing their interests over commercial incentives.

Client Reviews: Unforgettable Egypt Travel with Kemet Travel

A Journey of a Lifetime

A couple expresses their amazement at the overall experience provided by Kemet Travel during their desert exploration. From the skilled drivers to the warm hospitality received at the Oasis, every aspect of the trip was meticulously arranged. The standout was Ahmed, the tour manager, who accompanied them throughout the journey, ensuring their comfort and enjoyment. The couple emphasizes Ahmed’s contribution in making the experience perfect and memorable, underlining the exceptional service provided by the Kemet Travel team.

Client Reviews: Unforgettable Egypt Travel with Kemet Travel

Private Pyramids Tour

During their visit in January 2023, another couple had the opportunity to enjoy a private tour of the Great Pyramids organized by Kemet Travel. They highlight the knowledge and kindness of their tour guide, Mona, who played a significant role in enhancing their experience. Mona’s expertise and patience exceeded their expectations, leaving a lasting impression. The couple highly recommends this tour as an absolute must for anyone visiting Egypt.

Client Reviews: Unforgettable Egypt Travel with Kemet Travel

Felucca Tour and Beyond

A family’s discovery of Kemet Travel led them to an extraordinary felucca tour experience. From the initial booking to the tour itself, Kemet Travel ensured that every detail was flawlessly arranged. The family commends Montasser, the owner, and Ahmed for their exceptional support throughout the journey. Ahmed’s dedication to going beyond the arranged tours and accompanying them during meals in Luxor added a personal touch to their experience. They highly recommend Kemet Travel, emphasizing the comfort of the felucca, the delectable food, and the overall satisfaction with their chosen mode of transportation from Aswan to Luxor.

Client Reviews: Unforgettable Egypt Travel with Kemet Travel


The reviews of Kemet Travel’s clients depict a travel company that goes the extra mile to deliver exceptional experiences in Egypt. From personalized planning and execution to outstanding customer service, Kemet Travel has consistently exceeded expectations. Whether it’s exploring historical wonders, embarking on a Nile cruise, or venturing into the captivating desert landscapes. Clients praise the professionalism, reliability, and passion exhibited by the Kemet Travel team. When planning your next Egyptian adventure, consider Kemet Travel as your trusted partner for an unforgettable journey through this extraordinary land.

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