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The area was inhabited by two different Bedouin tribes.the Tarabin to the north, and the Muzeina, some 8 km to the south. After the six day war when Israel occupied the area , Nuweiba town was established just 1.5 km south of tarabin, under the Israel name, Neviot. After the departure of the israelis, the town expanded and Nuweiba port, some 6 km to the south, was established and developed, with several car ferries now running everyday to Aqaba in Jordan by the Arab Bridge Maritime company, and with a small town growing up around itself.

Nuweiba castle, built on top of the remains of a still older castle in 1893, hanbeen proposed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Nuweiba lies on a large flood plain measuring about 40 sq km, sandwiched between the Sinai mountians and the Gulf of Aqaba, and is located some 150 km north of Sharm el Sheikh, 465 km south east from Cairo and 70 km south of the Israel -Egypt border separating Taba and Eilat. Nuweiba Port was built in 1985 on the Gulf of Aqaba, and serves as a ferry port as well, which allows for easy travel between Jordan and Egypt

Turquoise waters edged by fine, sandy beaches and rimed on both sides by barren, rugged mountain chains give Nuweiba one of the most attractive settings among Sinai’s resort towns .Unlike Dahab and Sharm El-Sheikh, the lack of tourists in Nuweiba gives Nuweiba its own appeal and the town makes a reasonable stop if you are working your way up or down the coast.