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Enjoy visiting the temples and the monuments of Ancient Egyptians.
As one of the world’s six civilizations to have emerged independently, Ancient Egypt has long intrigued anthropologists and today continues to draw travelers looking to explore enormous pyramids, impressive temples, sacred chambers and treasure-filled tombs.


The Egyptians saw their land as a sacred reflection of heaven on earth and perceived the Nile as the earthly mirror of the Milky Way, the celestial river. We are called to sail upon this Celestial river to align with the Divine mother energy and to awaken our enteric power and experience the higher consciousness of the ancient Egypt.

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Arrange your tour with us and get fully customized services. Book your hotels, sightseeing tours and transportation to your gateway destination.

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We will be your private guide in Egypt, also allows you on an itinerary customized for you and your family or friends. (tailor-made).

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Kemet Travel is an Egyptian tourism agency with a license number 2266, Class A with full approve from the Egyptian Tourism ministry, Kemet Travel have many years of experience how to attended our clients, We are member of The Egyptian Tourism Federation, also known as ETF, and of The Egyptian Agents Association, also known as ETAA . Our travel company named Kemet , and Kemet is Egypt , as through the ancient Egypt Kingdoms ( Old Kingdom , Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom ) , Pharaohs were commonly referred to their land by Kemet in reference to the black Nile earth ( The name of Kemet is describe in The Queen Hatshepsut Obelisk РKarnak Temple complex ) .

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Seeing Egypt with all its impressive temples, delicate hieroglyphics and awe-inspiring Pyramids is unlike anything you will ever experience.

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