Ancient Egypt Tours

Kemet  Travel management and team expert professionals are highly qualified and distinguished by their multi-lingual fluency. Kemet experts team will greatly help, not just to see ancient Egypt, but to taste and feel ancient Egypt also.

Kemet Travel team is willing to offer a complete Egypt tour for Egypt value travelers, and suppliers and is willing to ensure the most affordable and complete Egypt vacations. Kemet Travel’s permanent offices in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, combined with a professional and knowledgeable staff of Egyptologist – Guides are only two of the reasons that have made Kemet one of the premier tour operators in the fabled land of the Pharaohs.

These tours from the awesome temples of Luxor and Aswan to the marvel of the Pyramids, one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world that still exists today to the inscrutable Sphinx and the remarkable Valley of the Kings and Queens to the sprawling and frenetic Cairo and the breathtaking sight of Abu Simbel to lazy days and moonlit nights floating in your luxurious cruise boat along the mystical and tranquil River Nile –  Tours never fails to enthrall and fascinate. Dedicated to ensuring that future travelers’ experience in Egypt is unique, superlative, truly wondrous, and second to none.

Ancient Egypt program with Kemet Travel is a perfect combination, a priceless experience. Come and enjoy Egypt tours – Bon Voyage


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