Kemet Travel is a well-established and licensed General Tour Operator and complies with all legal, financial and insurance requirements under Egyptian law with a longstanding reputation for providing high-quality tourism services to clients from all over the world. We have the perspective and experience necessary to serve any traveler seeking to experience the wonders of Egypt.

Kemet Travel management and staff are expert professionals, highly qualified and distinguished by their multi-lingual fluency. Our staff ensure the quality of all of our services.


Kemet Travel is a member of  The Egyptian Travel Agents Association (ETAA) with Membership number 2266, issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, and of The Egyptian Tourism Federation (ETF). We are also an Accredited IATA Travel Agent. Our IATA License Number is 90229182.

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Kemet Travel is pleased to offer new services that make multi-destination trips in Egypt and around the region easy to plan and organize online.

Kemet Travel is Ancient Egypt specialist. Our at least 12 years experienced Egyptologist  tour guides will take you very deep into the wonders and marvels of ancient Egypt and very much away from traditional tours and explanations .

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Our ancient Egypt experts will greatly help you, not just to see ancient Egypt, but to taste and feel ancient Egypt also. Our Services – * Cultural Tourism – Visit all of the ancient and historical monuments of Egypt’s long and varied history. * Recreational Tourism – Relax in one of Egypt’s many luxurious seaside resorts on the Mediterranean or the Red Sea. * Curative Tourism – Enjoy the restorative therapies available at the many springs and spas in Egypt’s desert and along the coast. * Religious Tourism – Visit important sites in the history of Christianity and Islam or trace the route of the Holy Family in Egypt * Safari Tourism – Explore the mysteries of Eastern and Western deserts and oases, camping with the Bedouins who call them home. * Quick Trips and Shore Excursions –

Stop over in Egypt for a night or several and get a quick taste of all that Egypt has to offer. * Nile Cruises, Dahabyias & Feluccas – There are plenty of cruise and sailing options on the legendary Nile River and tranquil Lake Nasser – and there’s an itinerary to suit every taste. Whatever portion of these waters you choose to traverse, there are few better ways to experience Egypt’s past & present. Last of all, in every single step you take, one of Kemets’ professional tour guides or coordinators will be there to look after you and to ensure you are making the most of your time. Let Kemet Travel show you how beautiful Egypt is –

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As Kemet Travel is a family run operation, we have an extremely close-knit team with many of our agents working here for over 8 years.

Most of our team members have further knowledge and experience in the travel industry which you can read about below.

Please get to know them a little better and take note of any travel tips they give below.

Our experienced team of travel agents and tour operators are well-traveled and passionate and enjoy sharing that with you.

We leverage the years of specialist experience and deep partner relationships we have developed since we opened our doors to assist you in crafting the type of travel experience you want.

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General Manager

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Tourism Manager

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Operation Manager

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Get a taste of the past on our tours in Egypt, where you’ll walk the footsteps of pharaohs
through ancient temples and monuments, visit the pyramids and sphinx,
Islamic and Coptic Cairo, and sail away on a luxury Nile cruise.
Relax in the Red Sea and swim among playful dolphins and colorful corals.
Discover the desert and more. Book your Egypt Vacation now!

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Through shared experiences, Kemet Travel thrives to offer travelers from all around the world the common grounds to make one international friend. We aim to go beyond ‘off the beaten track’ with being the pioneer of outdoor experiences by adding new attractions to the Egyptian tourist map.