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Nile Cruises

Luxury Nile Cruise, Unforgettable Nile Sail Experience

The Nile River, if need to feel the pulse of Ancient Egypt civilization, and then travel through the legendary Nile River.
Travel in Nile River a great way to get the experience of the lifeblood of Egypt.
The Nile is the lifeblood of Egypt, Sail from Aswan to Luxor is the easiest and best way for an amazing introduction to life on Nile River to passing eternal desert scenes as well as superstars in stone: the temple of Kom- Ombo, well- preserved Edfu and Karnak mighty Hypostyle hall.

Felucca is the Egyptian basic traditional Nile sail boats. A great adventure to spend a night or more on the river and under the clear sky stars. All meals well be served and provided by Local crew, drinks include beer, wine, water and soft drinks available. Great Time to a relaxing and enjoyable way to sail down the Nile River.Sleep in the deck of the boat, blankets are provided also sleeping bags are available too. Felucca does not have toilets or showers, however there are support boat travelling in close proximity to our Felucca , this support boat is equipped with toilets and shower , please bring a towel , also can buy it in Aswan local Market . Felucca will let leave stress to enjoy this tranquil and traditional experience on the Nile. Deluxe Nile Cruises has always ranked as the most exciting and romantic travel experiences. Dahabiya Guesthouse boat will allow Nile passengers to explore the great ancient Egypt monuments and imaginative landscape. A trip in the Nile with a Dahabiya will take clients far from mass tourism and give them a great feeling by being at home in the Nile, Kemet travel modules for a Dahabiya trip along the river , Kemet Travel will be able to provide a perfect tours plan with best perfect combination for priceless River Nile sail experience.