Djed Pillar at Abydos Temple Egypt

Djed Pillar at the mortuary temple of Seti First Abydos

Walk quietly through of Egypt, were time to relax and meditate within the precincts of the sacred Temples & Tombs.Come alive with the powerful energies, the temple walls echo memories and energies that inspire souls and consciousness and would like to walk with and pass inspiration and gifts of well being on . Spiritual Egypt Time with Kemet is for people who are spiritual aware and do healing work with the energies of Mother Earth, Cosmos, and Ancient Egyptians etc…
A platform for people to meet each other, share interests, experiences and brainstorm about ideas how to do healing work in Egypt.Kemet Crew specialists and able to arrange all private visits and all government primates for a private visits in all Egypt Pyramids & Temples. Kemet arrange a private spiritual tour that brings together organizers of spiritual events and tours in Egypt and welling to co-operate with global healing leader and provide all with the great healing experience within Ancient Egypt gods & goddess. enjoy the profound silence of the Great Pyramid

In Love & Light,

Kemet Travel Team

Spiritual Tours in Egypt