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Kemet travel can handle all of the logistics for booking hotels, and luxury transport and for a private visit to practices and Healing Properties inside the most iconic historic sites in the world outside regular hours for an intimate and crowd-free experience inside the King tomb of Great Pyramid, a once  in a lifetime chance to touch the Great sphinx and watch the sunrise or sunset from between its huge paws, discover the temple of Goddess Isis and its powerful at the Temple of Philae, beautifully located on an island, healing the mysteries of the Osireion, the tomb of God of all Gods Osiris, feel the flower of life which is one of the most important symbols of sacred geometry, sacred geometry is a complicated topic beyond the scope of this Abydos, The Osiris Shaft and Osireion powerful temples

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Kemet Travel - Temple of Edfu

The Last Queen – Egypt & Beyond

23 Nights / 24 Days