The Ancient Egyptian civilization

famous for its great unlimited pyramids and its0 secret of royal and nobles remains tombs treasures, Pharaoh’s evidence which is flourished for thousands of years and its lasting impact until nowadays and can be presented in Luxury Tailor Made Holidays Day by day just for you.

Luxury Egypt Tailor Made Holidays
enjoy the special view of the Pyramids from your Luxury Room at Marriott Mena House Hotel

Tailor-made programs in Egypt

; Kemet Travel team will make it worthwhile to spend extra on the Luxury Tailor Made Holidays packages Kemet Travel team will help you with tailor-made your preferences to meet your schedule and make sure that our Egypt tailor-made itinerary will cover everything of your particular needs and likes/dislikes.

A luxury trip in Egypt

is still a major dream of you to visit and spend weeks exploring and learning about our heritage, culture, and ancient Egypt and also learn more about the Egyptian life, traditions, and habits which are strongly related to the nature of both desert and agricultural.

We are great whether you are looking to arrange a tour to every travel destination in Egypt in any combination you like in an all-inclusive tour of Egypt.

Luxury Egypt Tailor Made Holidays
Enjoy your free time for leisure in Aswan at the most luxury hotel, Sofitel Legend Old Cataract.


As you travel solo or a couple or a family with your young children, you’ll take the hassle out of a day trip to the pyramids in Cairo, ride a camel or horse, and or the valley of the kings’ valley of Nobels in Luxor and a tailor-made day tour to Abu Simbel from Aswan the Kemet Travel has the most competitive prices and the best communication which is outstanding.

You may be a little apprehensive about the quality of the car, driver, and guide, after each day you’ll blow away by how professional we are, the high level of our expert Egyptology guides and their courteous and informative they are, our guide will bring ancient Egypt back to the life for you.

You’ll receive exactly what we promise you with, Kemet Travel is incredibly trustworthy and will offer a great service for a very competitive price, Kemet travel will patiently help you craft your perfect Egyptian Luxury holiday and will provide you with many accommodations and any day trips options fits your wishes and budget.

You with the help of the Kemet travel professional team together will put the best itinerary for a luxury holiday in Egypt and you thoroughly enjoy it, our expert Egyptology guides have a wealth of ancient Egypt knowledge not only about the history but also about the mysteries and spiritual aspects of ancient Egypt, they will make you fascinated by all the pharaohs breathtaking stories, their simple explanation of ancient history will let you know that history is actually really magical.

Our expert Egyptology guide will let you know that Egypt is really mysterious with thousands of hidden secrets, you will know that anything in relation to ancient Egypt is so interesting and know the deciphered of an ancient code that containing a message which left 2,000 years ago, a message that the Egyptians planned to stay hidden until the day our society was ready to unravel it.

Luxury Egypt Tailor Made Holidays
Enjoy the Best view for the Pyramids during your meal at 139 Restaurant at Marriott Mena House Hotel

From the first day of your arrival until the day we’ll say goodbye to you, you’ll be assisted by our handsome team who will be helping you out tremendously, our team working together seamlessly which help you to enjoy your luxury travel to Egypt even more.

We will be always very attentive to all of your doubts and we will be very genuine that together work hard for made the best Luxury trip possible. Travel across Old Egypt and sail down and up the Nile River in The High level of Luxury cruises to ensure a truly memorable experience, offering you a limited number of luxury accommodations, fine dining, and personalized spa therapies, coupled with a sincere.

Private Dahabiya Guesthouse boats and staying in the legendarily historical Hotels in each city , such as  of Marriott Mena House in Giza, St. Regis Hotel & Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel in Cairo Old Winter Palace & Al Moudira Boutique Hotels in East and West bank of Luxor, and the top of all Old Cataract legend Hotel of Agatha Cristy in Aswan and explore the ancient history of Egypt as a pioneering voyagers.

Our Luxury Holiday focuses on many aspects of great cultural Egypt, the real Egyptian life, see the hospitable, loving, and pure Egyptian real people by visiting the original inhabitants of the land, which will be a real way of adventure by visiting the Old part of Cairo and explore its hidden alleys, seeing the real-life and its majestic.

Go south of Egypt for exploring more adventure-time that you will enjoy it, especially on the countryside of the west bank of Luxor / Thebes, exploration, and adventure through the most beautiful colorful houses of Nubian Community at the Nubian Village in the west bank of Aswan, Nubia has the most beautiful people of Egypt, its people have a big heart and they are honest – All those aspects with a mix of Legendary makes your first – class luxury Holiday is ever unforgettable for a once a lifetime vacation.

Luxury Egypt Tailor Made Holidays
Al Moudira Hotel is one of the most Luxury Hotels in Luxor, with oriental architecture style, and decorated by the arabesques

Tailor-made experiences in Egypt

Let you learn more about how ancient Egypt contributed to society with its many cultural developments, particularly in local language and the real Egyptian inhabitant daily practices, As we all are fascinated by Ancient Egypt, you may want to create a time machine and go back thousands of years to see every single event with your own eye to see how was the real pharaohs were pretty awesome, great and creativity,

With the help of the Kemet Travel Team in Egypt, Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan will be able to make your dream to be true and let you be so fascinated by the ancients Egypt as the best of all in all histories, the history of Egypt is the favorite one all over the global.

Luxury Egypt Tailor Made Holidays
Enjoy your stay in Cairo at one of the most Luxury hotels with a Nile View Room